• I was born and bred on the Central Coast of NSW

  • I love a chat, I can literally talk to anyone

  • I hate seafood but eat fish

  • I love a good McDonalds binge

  • I'm obsessed with home interiors. I can literally scroll through interiors on Pinterest or instagram for hours

  • I have a huge interest in Feng Shui and believe it plays a vital role in how our lives are played out

  • Dogs or cats? Dogs. Sorry cat peeps. I know nothing about cats. I've never owned one

  • I suffer from the worst sea sickness so NEVER EVER ask me to perform a ceremony on the water

  • I wish I loved to exercise

  • I'm the worlds worst liar

  • I'm a Sagittarius

  • I don't do the snow

  • Once upon a time not too long ago I planned to become a high school art teacher. I've completed half of my degree. Being a celebrant though became more of a passion and a better fit for me

  • I love nothing more then vegging out on the couch and watching tv 

  • I met my husband when we were 16. We've been together ever since. We finally married in 2010

  • If I wasn't already doing my dream job what would I be doing? Flipping houses of course

  • I'm an organised, punctual, neat freak. My handheld Dyson vacuum is my second best friend

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                               0408 614 867                      

Bateau Bay NSW 2261 (Central Coast)